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Should You Start Felix Hernandez?


It’s a tough decision for fantasy owners right now: do you start pitcher Felix Hernandez against the Texas Rangers tonight? While Hernandez is definitely above Matthew Berry’s Wandy Line (the line that divides average pitchers and pitchers that you should start regardless of match-up), he is coming off a tough outing.

Hernandez got lit up by the Cleveland Indians for six earned runs over less than four innings of work in his last start and struck out only three batters. For the most part I would start him without question, expecting a bounce back game. But Felix isn’t up against just any team. He’s up against the Texas Rangers, owners of the MLB’s most fearsome offense and most fearsome offensive player in Josh Hamilton.

In the end, for me, the Wandy Line and Hernandez’s sixty-one strikeouts on the year won out. While my gut says sit him, my head says you don’t bench a sixty-one strikeout hurler because the competition is tough. I’m starting Felix Hernandez, what would you do? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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