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The Greatest Sports Leader of All-Time

With game six of the Eastern Conference Finals upon us, we have a very unique and rare situation. Today the New York Rangers take on the New Jersey Devils, and are down three games to two in the series. They’re fighting for their play-off lives. Eighteen years ago on this very day, the exact same situation.

The difference, of course, is eighteen years ago NHL legend Mark Messier guaranteed a win and secured it with a hat-trick to win game six. The Rangers went on to win the Stanley Cup that year in a seven game series against the Vancouver Canucks. For many people, this is the series that cemented Mark Messier as one of the greatest leaders in all of sports, and possibly the greatest leader ever in hockey.

So what better time than now to announce our new feature: The Greatest Sports Leader of All-Time. This feature series will pit sports leaders against each other for fan votes to determine who really is the greatest leader of all-time. What we need from you is the nominees.

Sure we have a few of our own to put in the hat, but who do you think should be included in this argument? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or tweet them at us @anpsports. We’re really looking forward to this fun and interactive series, so help us determine the all-time great sports leader!

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