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Dodgers Pitching Conundrums


There’s nothing official, but all reports point towards the Los Angeles Dodgers continuing their free spending ways and trying to sign Zack Greinke. Undoubtedly the class of this years free agent pitchers market, Greinke would give the Dodgers two Cy Young winners at the top of their rotation. Add in recent rumors tying the Dodgers to free agent Kyle Lohse, and the team is set from one to three. But there’s an awful lot of arms to fill the four and five holes.

The Dodgers still have most of last years rotation intact: Chris Capuano, Ted Lilly, and Chad Billinglsey all were starters last season. Then there’s trade pick-up Josh Beckett, making a nice even four starters vying for two jobs. So what are your options?

You could move arms to the bullpen, I personally believe a pitcher like Beckett may be better suited there at this stage of his career, but then you run the risk of egos clashing. Starters may view the new role as a demotion and begin causing issues in the clubhouse.


Your alternative is to move some of these arms for prospects or depth. The Dodgers could definitely use some insurance in the pen with Kenley Jansen’s uncertain status. Even with Brandon League signed, more depth there is a good thing.

But then who do you move of those four starters? The only two who would fetch decent returns would most likely be Billinglsey and Capuano, both of whom have upside with realistic downside as well.

It should be said we don’t know if this is a Lohse and Greinke deal, or a Lohse or Greinke deal yet, and that will play heavily on the rest of the offseason moves. What would you do? How would you handle the Dodgers surplus?

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